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From the Blacks to the Browns, the conventional beard colors are getting really uninteresting. In recent times, stylish men are experimenting with colorful beard. These conspicuous colours/shades are so aesthetic that they are really hard to miss. Interestingly, you are out for a thronged event ad want to get noticed at first sight? then you should visit a barber shop, pick a colour and get busy dyeing!

#1. The Pinkish Man: Have you got a wide face? a shallow beard that follows your jawline will look really good. A nice shade of pink will look manly rather than looking effeminate. Take the edge off of the color by pairing it with darker accessories rather than pink one.


#2. The Black and The Yellow: Black and yellow colors contrast each other completely. Keep things carefully trimmed to give your head hair and facial hair a controlled style. Your beard style should follow your jawline up to your ears, that will sure make you look great.


#3. The Bauble Hair: Give your beard style a colorful festive look by jazzing it up with Christmas tree baubles. You can use any styles of baubles that you want to give yourself a completely unique colorful beard style. Although, full beard is most appropriate to achieve this style.


#4. Rainbow Melee: Mixing multiple colors together can give your colorful beard even more dimensions. Ombre beard styles, where one color fades into another, are particularly cool. Yellow, green and any other secondary colour look great together.


#5. Yellow Gold: Golden yellow is one of the brightest and sunniest shades that you can choose. Show off your pleasant demeanour with this wonderfully cheerful shade. It looks great against darker skin tones.


#6. Greening: A thick and luscious beard style looks really organic when it is colored with grass green dye. To get a vivid colourful beard style like this one, you may need to bleach your beard hairs before applying the colored dye.


#7. Singing Blues: Choose a sharp style by trimming your beard into a gentle point. A bright blue color will be sure to get you noticed in a big crowd. A colorful beard like this will really help to enhance the color of your eyes too!


#8. Royal Purple: The color purple is often associated with royalty. For an unusual formal style try out a gorgeously regal shade of purple on a carefully trimmed short beard style.