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Emma oh my God and fiance, Yetunde, will be married very soon, and these beautiful pictures suggests. As the pair release their magnificent, colourful pre-wedding pictures, the comedian, whose real name is Emmanuel Edunjobi says of his bride-to-be “… God has my best interest at heart! It was as if he asked me for dimesions before creating her… everything made exactly to my specifications in the exact ratio… inside and outside…”

Yetunde says she met Emma at her place of work and thought he was nothing more than a playboy who uses his joviality to scope and catch girls as he wants.

 Though they were on-and-off friends, Emma won Yetunde over when he “came into [her] office with food and medicine [when she was sick] and looked after [her] like [she] was his sister.”


Yetunde mentioned “That was when I realized he wasn’t all I though he was.”

With the forthcoming wedding tagged ‘Becoming TheOhemGees’, the bride is understandably in the best of spirits, as she says “We are here today becoming ‘TheOhemgees’ in a few days and I couldn’t be happier. God has blessed me with an amazing man in Emmanuel, who loves him and loves me.

 He’s the only man I have been able to say would do anything for me and I would do likewise so I can truly say we’re soulmates.”

Emma-oh-my-God released an official ‘proposal’ song, and shot a video featuring [who else?] Yetunde, his bride-to-be.

All the best to comedian Emma-oh-my-God and his fiancee as they get set to walk down the aisle.

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