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Canvas is the capsule collection of the Canadian based Nigerian womenswear brand, Wannie. This collection is inspired by a working lady going away on a vacation to see the love of her life. She finally gets a moment to reflect on her dreams and all her accomplished goals. She lets her hair down and enjoys the moment to be delicate, sweet and vulnerable. On this vacation, she is a canvas, who knows she is only made for beautiful artistic things.
The designer, Yewande Oduwole, “Canvas is a blank slate from which art is made. Each piece of this collection is designed to tell the story of an individual and to reflect each individual’s personality. Each piece is the base from which you can mold anything you wish as long as it reflects you.”
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Brand: Wannie @houseofwannie
Designer: Yewande Oduwole
Photography: Kimberly Karmark @kimkarmark
Model: Esther Opaluwa @ess.ther
Makeup: Tinuke Aina @iamteekay
Style Director: Tobi Adebowale @tobiade_
Location: Porsche of London. London, Ontario