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Where should we begin? Let me start with these interesting hastags: #mybestfriend #mylover #myworld #mysugarcane  #fairy2016‎ . For real though, Henry is a focussed man that knows what he wants. Wooing a lady is a lot of work and Henry was definitely up for it to make Mzkeishol his woman. Am glad that we have to share their story and beautiful prewedding pictures with you courtesy Bisi Daniels Photography.  Mzkeishol looks like an interesting woman to be with and We love their engagement fashion style and their themed wedding called ( say with me… hashtaaaaaagggg FAIRY 2016)

 Congrats love bunnies… xxx

HOW WE MET ( by Mzkeishol)

We met in September 5, 2015 at a friend’s intro. That day he made sure he got my attention. He was calm and reserved. He gave me his business card and insisted on having my number. But I refused. Ok, then I was ready to leave. He asked where I reside and fortunately for him he was going my way. I saw him smiling because now he had to chance to talk with me, uninterrupted by friends. He dropped me off at home and I gave him my number. He kept in touch from time to time. He asked me out straight up and I told him l rather we be friends as l wasn’t ready for a relationship. But there was something weird about him. He kept telling me I’m his wife. That he didn’t want to be my friend. “Look I want to marry you” in his exact words. I was so upset like what the hell is this (Lol) Fast forward to Feb 14, 2016, it was on a Sunday, I had gotten him a Val’s present. He was so happy and surprised I spent that much for a present. I then told him,’ok ‘ I would love it if we went out to have fun that day. He refused saying he wasn’t in the mood to go out. Hours later he saw that I was unhappy. Then he said ok let’s go out. He called a couple of his friends to meet us up at Radisson blu VI. There we were having dinner, when I excused myself to use the ladies, because we were about leaving. His friend’s girlfriend met me in the bathroom as well, and we were chatting and laughing. Then we went back to where we were sitting and I asked if the bill had been sorted. My boo said he had called for it. The waitress came with the bill jacket and I passed it to him. Before I knew it, someone tapped me on the side and when I looked it was boo on one knee down asking me to be his wife. Apparently the ring was placed in the bill jacket. I was surprised and in the midst of my tears, I said YES. So happy I met you @henryigbokwe. If I were to be born again and you asked me to marry you, I’ll still say yes. #mybestfriend#mylover#myworld#mysugarcane #fairy2016‎ .

henry and mzkeishol

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