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In clear terms, I’m not talking about the really ugly three-quarter dad shorts that make men look like they have given up on life. I’m talking about the chino summer shorts that scream ‘I’m a trendy and fashionable gentleman!’

This is the perfect sunny weekend wardrobe staple for men. However, I do not see so many men wearing them. Perhaps due to the very much cliched notion that the summer shorts look is ‘gay’ but contrary to popular belief, shorts for men are actually very fashionable if paired with the right pieces and worn to the right occasions.

Tip #1: When going for an outdoorsy event, go for short sleeved printed shirts and button all the way up or long sleeved denim shirts with folded sleeves. Pair the look with some kick ass espadrilles, throw on a piece of accessory such as cool sunnies and some bracelets and you’re festival ready!


Tip #2: Yes! You can wear shorts to an upscale weekend outdoor event such as a polo derby or a yacht party. Throw on a blazer to a nice pair of chino shorts, a perfect dress shirt, bow-tie and complete the look with classy boat shoes. You could also dress down the shorts by wearing a blazer without tucking in the dress shirt, pair the look with a carefully selected pair of mandals and complete the look with a fedorastylealantic_men-shorts-4

Tip #3: Wear your shorts with a polo shirt tucked in and slip on boat shoes. You can tie a cardigan on your shoulders to add to that clean and polished preppy look.


Tip #4: Unless you’re Pharrell Williams, never ever wear shorts to a red carpet.


images credit: Pinterest.com