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Hey guys! How are you all doing? And how is the new year treating you? My year has been alright so far except for this terrible cold I have but still we move! Thank you for the love on my last post. You guys make me happy and make this worth doing.

I don’t have a favourite colour because I don’t do well with favourites but for someone who really complains about the colour blue, I sure do have a lot of clothing pieces in blue. This left me wondering if I actually do hate blue. For now, I’ll settle for a Love-hate relationship with it.

For this post, I’ll be talking about styling the Ankara or any printed pair of printed shorts. Quick history about the shorts I have on. It used to be the sokoto to a buba which I didn’t really fancy so I decided to do a little DIY.

When selecting Printed shorts, consider the following;

1. THE FIT: Shorts are supposed to be comfortable by nature and also convenient to walk in. That doesn’t mean it should be big or tight. It should be the perfect size that would satisfy both conditions.

2. THE COLOUR: Some people like to keep it simple while some like to stand out. You don’t want to do either in a ridiculous way. That’s why you need to find the right balance between colours and if you can’t just stick to the basic colours.

3. THE PRINT/STYLE: It gets personal here. Everyone has their own personal style or print preference. So also does everyone have prints/styles that look good on them. You just have to know what works best for you. What looks good on A may not be flattering on B and the other way around.

In styling this pair of Ankara shorts, I went with two choices. The first is this business casual look. I decided to mix  prints to give off a really cool ‘your business is in safe hands’ vibe. This blazer was a gift from a friend. It has the perfect print to mix with the shorts because of the varied sizes of the prints on both and also both are shapes so no clashing.

Asides the jacket to go with the pants, the shoes had to also be something that’d go with the ensemble and also take the attention away from your legs (if they are hairy like mine). So, I went with this bespoke brown leather brogues because brown and blue are a match made in heaven.

I accessorised with lapel pins, rings, a pair of sunshades and a neck piece because accessorising is major key.

For the second look, I left everything and switched only the jacket for this denim jacket as per cool kid.

This second look is perfect for a day/night out with the guys, fashion week etc. It also has that business casual feel to it, so, that also counts.

There you have it guys!  Two of the various ways to style your printed shorts plus little tips. Which is your favourite look? How would you style your printed shorts?

Thank you guys for reading through this lengthy post. I hope you found it interesting and helpful. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. I love reading your comments. And also share!

Photographer: Benny

Model: @collins.haute