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Picking the perfect legging can be such a trial and tribulation. Legging posses choice that’s both modern and slimming, leggings offer a look that blends style with slender. But occasionally people go overboard with their legging attire, leaving fashion victims with an appearance that’s not only unflattering, but an eyesore. Yes, I know we’ve all heard it a million times, “leggings are not pants.” Well, neither are they tights, and that’s exactly why they are called leggings. Walking around in a rather tight and or too free leggings may seem like a awful event.

To avoid this catastrophic event, I have decided to highlight some of the worst legging wearing mistakes out there.   So..without further ado, here are the dos & don’ts of wearing leggings.

1. One big don’t of wearing leggings is wearing them with crop tops. General rule of thumb: if you can see the waistband of your leggings, it’s probably a good idea to go for some skinny jeans instead. If in any way the shirt you have selected to pair with your leggings gives those around you such opportunity to craft the mental image of a hoofed limb of a certain mammal that inhibits the Sahara desert (camel toe), I sincerely encourage you to opt for jeans or put on a longer top.

2. Many women make the same mistake with leggings and it is most offensive when in boots because it shortens the leg and just looks plain silly. To avoid this unsightly look, go for a longer leg legging and tuck them in, or even try the good old stirrup legging. If in doubt opt for a shoe, as this will lengthen your legs.

3. Shoes are the biggest factor that can make or break your legging look. For the safest footwear option for leggings, always look toward boots to complement your attire. From flat riding boots to high-heeled booties, nothing matches well with black leggings quite like a darker pair of leather boots.

Conclusively, Leggings are a great, trendy and comfortable article of clothing that should be a staple in every girl’s casual wardrobe; just make sure that your legging-ensemble doesn’t pose a threat to the comfort of those in your vicinity. Many girls will be quick to dismiss leggings as a fashion don’t, but there are many ways to wear leggings that are a total fashion do.