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Yes, bow ties are the question of the day, and you can say that again. I hear you saying “if I’m going to look like a waiter…well, no thank you!” hahaha. On the other hand, Bow Ties are for stylish men. Men who knows that Bow Ties can be a major stylish alternative to conventional long neckties. I remember sometime ago when i was relatively looked at as weird, just because i wore a bow tie to a stadium.

Overtime, i noticed that bow ties ain’t just for men. Ladies/women joined in the trend years ago. In fact, they wear bow ties without too much effort and have fun with it. What’s good about this fashion accessory is that you can rock it with just about everything. You can wear one traditionally with a diner jacket for big occasions. But for the everyday man or woman, a bowtie goes well with jeans and a pair of trainers/sneakers for example, or with leather shoes for a look which is a bit nifty.

In short, it’s a lot simpler to wear a bowtie than you’d think. Bow ties are sold at almost every fashion store in Nigeria, beautiful great fashion accessories and unmatched services all in one place remains the core essence of the being, May Coutures; One of Nigeria’s emerging hand made fashion accessories outfit. From the colorful bow ties, to lapel pins, roses and flowers; all plucked from fine fabrics.

The man and the Bow: star models Akuwa Golden, Mary Ajayi and Balogun Sogo takes on the challenge to wear this bow ties for May Coutures, all glammed up by the awesome beautician, Ajoke Ologe, styled and shot by the amazing fashion photographer ViPEA fotography.